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BCDC 2020 August Debate Intensive will be 100% Online.

After much deliberation, BCDC has decided to move 100% of our August programming online due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19. Even though we’ll be online we plan on delivering the same BCDC experience that our students and parents know and love. Our top-tier coaching staff has been working around the clock to adapt our curriculum to an online format and we’ve had great success with online instruction over Zoom in previous summer sessions. Our students can expect to learn public speaking skills, take on fun challenges and games, as well as being introduced to debate. All skill levels are welcome, even total novices! We’ll also help prepare students for both of the potential September / October topics: Medicare for All and Centralized Pandemic Responses.

Mon Aug 24 - Fri Aug 28, 2020  Debate Intensive  (5 hours a day)   

This program is intended for rising 5th-10th graders (regardless of experience level). Throughout this one week session, we will work to develop skills from critical thinking and public speaking to creativity and curiosity. But that won’t stop us from having some fun too! Please see below for a detailed schedule and description. 

Novice - This class is designed for students who have never been exposed to debate before. We’ll help these students establish a strong foundation of topic research and critical thinking skills that will help them in debate and beyond. 

Intermediate - Designed for students with at least one semester or camp session of debate experience, this class will help these students take their skills to the next level. We’ll begin introducing advanced research skills, talk about how to prepare for a topic, and what it takes to begin competing at (and winning) tournaments. 

Advanced MS - This class will focus on preparing middle school students for the high school circuit. We’ll focus on what strategies they should expect to encounter once they begin competing in varsity, how they can improve their own strategies, and preparing for the upcoming season and topics. 

Advanced HS - Designed for our most experienced students, this class focuses on how to dominate the debate circuit, both locally and nationally. Our coaches will focus on unlocking the future potential that these students have, and preparing them with what it takes to win championships and awards. We’ll focus on the most challenging aspects of debate, public speaking, along with in-depth topic research and discussion. 




AUGUST 24-28, 2020​