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Debate Club

In this introductory 10-hour workshop, students will learn to organize their thoughts and present them clearly and effectively. By debating contemporary issues, students will develop self-confidence and showcase their critical thinking, public speaking, research, and listening skills.  Students will be surprised at how comfortable they will feel in a formal debate, in front of an audience of parents and friends.

After completing this workshop, the students can participate in their first formal debate and, if they would like to further develop their skills, can join one of our regularly scheduled debate classes.  

Our after-school debate program teaches participants to reason their point of view, incorporate evidence, and learn the techniques that can turn them into outstanding debaters and presenters. Students review the structure and organization of the formal debate, select and research topics, and prepare arguments to present in the parliamentary, public forum or policy debate format. In addition to regular debates in the classroom, at the end of each semester, students get to showcase their mastery of speech and persuasion at the North Jersey Debate Tournament, in front of their fellow debaters, judges, parents, and friends. 

The curriculum of this program is intended to equip the students with the ability to structure arguments, research evidence, deliver speeches and refute opponents. It also prepares them to give outstanding speeches in class, participate in school elections, and join their high school Debate or Model United Nations teams.

Our weekly debate classes are as follows:

1.5 hours, recommended for ages 10-11;

2.0 hours, recommended for ages 12-17.

Weekday or weekend schedule is available. The classes are taught by experienced and accomplished debate coaches. 

Introduction to Public Speaking and Debate Workshops

Ages 10 and Up

This highly effective, interactive and affordable

10-hour workshop is intended for high school,  college students and young professionals, seeking to improve their business image and presence as well as advance their careers. Participants get to learn and extensively practice fundamentals of public speaking and proper etiquette in various business settings. 

Below are the topics covered in the workshop:

Speaking to an audience
Winning interview techniques: one-on-one and group interviews
Correct greetings and introductions
Successful networking etiquette
Proper dining manners
Electronic etiquette

The program's instructor is an extremely effective public speaking and business etiquette coach, with 20+ years of experience in corporate and executive training.

Public Speaking

and Business Etiquette


High School and College Students

​​​Debate Club

Weekly Classes

Ages 10 to 17

Regularly Scheduled Debate

Classes and Tournaments