BCDC summer program is packaged in half and full day options across Public Speaking and Debate, Model UN, Entrepreneurship Project, Intellectual Games, and Team Building Activities.  With the guidance of award winning debate educators who deliver our state of the art curriculum, students will realize the following life long benefits over the course of two weeks:

* Develop and enhance communication skills * Develop critical thinking skills * Develop leadership skills * Learn to research, organize and present information * Learn the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship * Overcome fears of public speaking * Gain the confidence and motivation to participate in all academic classes

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bergen County

Debate Club

Summer Workshops

Debate Classes

Summer 2021 at BCDC. Intellectual Enrichment with Speech and Debate.



   Session I (Grades 6-8 Fall 2021): June 28 - July 9. 9:30-12:00. 
                    (Grades 6-8 Fall 2021): June 28 - July 9. 12:30-3:00.
                (Grades 6-8 Fall 2021): June 28 - July 9. Full Day.

​ Session II (Grades 6-8 Fall 2021): July 12 - July 23. 9:30-12:00. 
                    (Grades 6-8 Fall 2021): July 12 - July 23. 12:30-3:00.
                   (Grades 6-8 Fall 2021):  July 12  -  July 23. Full Day.

Session II  HS Debate (Gr 9-11 Fall 2021):   July 12 - July 23. 12:30-3:00.

Full Day Students Lunch Break 12:00-12:30.

Hybrid options may become available but are not guaranteed.

Please assume online option only when signing up.


Daily Program (Novice/Intermediate students, Grades 6-8):

  • Debate and Public Speaking -  New students will learn the skills to become confident public speakers and debaters. Experienced students will take their debate and public speaking skills to the next level.
  • Model United Nations -Discover global issues, world diplomacy, and parliamentary procedure through role-playing. You become the “delegate” of a Model United Nations (UN) to explore ways of solving international crises using critical thinking skills, research, and debate. Gain a global vision of our world by taking part in this simulated UN experience. (morning)
  • Entrepreneurship Project Entrepreneurship has fueled innovation and prosperity throughout America since its inception and even in today's society, the most influential leaders of businesses were once entrepreneurs. In order to give the youth an introduction to the basic concepts and giving them exposure to the entrepreneur's spirit of creation, students will pair up with a partner for a week where they will create, develop, and present their idea to an audience just how they would pitch their start-up to investors. Skills like brainstorming, development, and presentation (through activities like writing up their own business plan) will be acquired by students throughout the course as well as in introductory idea to what it really takes to be a true entrepreneur! (afternoon) 
  • Intellectual Games - Middle School Quiz Bowl, "What? Where? When?", "Virtual Country Traveling".
  • Team Building ActivitiesTeam building activities are a fun way to strengthen middle school relationships. They are good icebreakers and build strong bonds as students work together to solve problems. Team building activities create trust and ease conflict between students. They develop communication skills and help students recognize each other’s strengths. Lessons learned during these activities can be applied to real-life situations.


Students will be divided into classes based on age and experience. 

Tution: $1150.00 ($700 half day). Non-refundable Tuition Deposit - $300.00 to hold space. ​Remaining balance is due on 5/23/2021. This early bird rate ends on 5/23/2021.




To learn more or schedule a placement interview, follow the link below or call us at 201-421-8621.